We rise in glory,

As we sink in pride:

Where boasting ends,

There dignity begins.

By: Young

For several years after becoming a Christian, Pastors and teachers taught that believers should not be "Unequally Yoked." Even so, worldly men seemed more exciting to me than my fellow Christians. I married a non-Christian.

Over the next fourteen years it became obvious why a Christian should not marry a non-Christian. God knew they would be miserable and end up feeling helpless while in hopeless circumstances.

After finding my methods hopeless, I began diligently searching the Scriptures for an answer to the question, "How do I get my husband saved?" To my amazement there was an answer, even though it did not appear logical. (If the Bible said it, it must be true.) With help from the Scriptures, I stumbled along trying to do what the Bible told me to do. God honored my trying and Al became a Christian six months later.

I had to reap what I had sown, but God gave me a conditional promise that left an escape. He gave me hope and made that hope a reality.

I am writing this book so you can have hope and wonít have to stumble as much as I did.

If you have tried your way and found it has not worked and are now willing to try Godís way, this book is for you.

Word of advice: If your husband finds this book and gets angry, tell him to read it and if there is anything in it that he objects to, let you know and you wonít do whatever he objects to.