"Unequally Yoked" Table of Contents  (Paperback $13.99 & E-book $3.99 for sale at Amazon)

Chapter 1 Who Am I

Chapter 2 Heart to Head

Chapter 3 Head to Heart

Chapter 4 Hopeless Prayers

Chapter 5 Hope in Prayer

Chapter 6 Obey Who

Chapter 7 How Quiet

Chapter 8 Why is he Jealous

Chapter 9 Life After Salvation

Chapter 10 For Battered Wives Only

For Men Only (chapters 11 & 12)

Chapter 11 To the Man who is Unequally Yoked

Chapter 12 To the new Christian

Chapter 12 The Godly Woman

Our Story (chapters 13 & 14)

Chapter 13 Fran's Testimony

Chapter 14 Al's Testimony

Glossary Which publication I used for scripture and poetry, etc.

Index Scripture printed out according to chapter (please read the scripture - don't just take my word for anything)

Understand Grace Poem about how our family helps us understand God's feelings

If you have a question, please contact me at pennywind@pennywind.com I love feedback.  If your husband meets Jesus and gets saved, please let me know so I can praise the Lord with you.  Fran

Music "Strong Enough to Bend" by Tanya Tucker